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Wise words that have helped me

Inspirational quotations. Some people feel quite strongly about them, both in the negative and the positive. The smug saccharine, judgemental preachy ones get on my wick, but I have found much comfort over the years with some specific wise words.

It's all timing isn't it? You notice what your mind is channelled on; if someone tells you not to notice red cars, you are likely to see only a sea of red. The numbers haven't changed, just your focus. And so too, if you are having a tough day and a greeting card exudes soothing words, that speak directly to our particular pain, we may take it as a sign from the universe... or just weird coincidence.

So off-piste this week as I share six quotations that are part of my story. I have deliberately stayed personal - these are either framed at home, on my fridge or on my desk. Maybe one of them brings a smile to you today. Ooh and I'm keeping them in date order too... I can't help it, I'm a details gal.

One of the first in a collection given to me by Rob. It was at the start of my lows. It's too easy to begin and then continue to believe that we are a problem and that there is something broken within us. We can lose sight of the people that love us - family, friends. How often do we stop to consider how loved we are? It is deeply humbling and comforting.

A postcard from the hubby whilst he was away on business. It echoed what my therapist of the time was trying to convince me of - happiness was completely in my hands. The words pissed me off to be honest, like not being happy was my fault. I stuck it on the fridge because I felt it must be important, although I didn't get it, and I recognised the love in the sending of it. It took me years to understand the meaning and then believe it.

Ah yes - the poor me. I tore this off one of those page a day calendars. I kept it as a reminder that feeling sorry for myself was getting rather boring. Things happen to us that we wish hadn't. Things don't happen to us that we wish had. I got a little bit stuck in my loop and it took a few practice runs before I was shown how to sit in acceptance. The brutal matter of factness smacked me forwards!

Framed on the office wall. It spoke to me (right timing remember) as I contemplated the huge experiment that was leaving the corporate cocoon and starting my own business. My mind whizzed through every possible awful scenario that was almost certainly (according to my inner critics) going to become a reality if I set off down this road of madness; my little critters were in full primal panic mode. But somewhere in amongst all the wailing, gnashing and rocking of these little dudes, there was another little voice that said what happens if you try?

And of course we all have times when it just seems to fall apart. So here I was, cocoon-less. Company car - less. Salary-less. Team-less. I could choose to see the cracks, make that my focus, and no doubt then see nothing but more of the same. Or I can choose to see the good stuff. The space, the freedom, the joy, the purpose, the challenge, the adventure, the new friends; just all the new. It's also framed in my office, so when I am curled up under the desk, wondering what on earth I was thinking, it looks down on me and nudges.

Scribbled on an old bit of paper always close at hand. It reminds me of the insanely positive life coach from way back when at night school... telling me how great it was when you realised you didn't need to stand in front of a closed door. It serves as a reminder that, although effort and hard work are just part of life, relentlessly trying over and over and over at something that isn't happening, may just be a sign that this isn't your door. To me it's permission to move on, to try something else. A reminder that my door is up ahead.

We all have our own story - if there are wise words that have helped you, I'd love to hear them - share a comment here or drop me a line privately.

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Oct 17, 2022

Thanks for the comments - gives me the warm glow when I know it has been enjoyed 😁, Lindsey x


Oct 08, 2022

Thanks for sharing all these - all of them resonate for sure.


Oct 07, 2022

No.3, that's the one that's hit home today. Thank you!

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