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About Lindsey

“Chase your passion, not your pension.” Denis Waitley

I have developed to better understand how I react to situations and people... what I want and what I think I am expected to want, and how to be kinder to myself.

Val, UK.
I have learnt we wear many hats, and it is this realisation that has brought me the joy and fulfilment I was seeking from my career.  By being the procurement expert and the coach, I get to use my left and right brain. 

Ultimately it's deeply rewarding and a privilege to support people and businesses through transition, in both capacities.
I worked in a global automotive company for 20 years, in a commercial procurement role, managing my own team of buyers, it was dynamic and fast paced.  This wealth of knowledge and experience, I bring to all my clients, be that via my procurement advisory services or my coaching.  I understand the perspective of a large organisation and everything that comes with it.

I was outwardly very successful both at work and in my personal life, and yet I felt stifled.  I had no clue what I wanted or therefore what to do. 

Being coached put me back in touch with myself and showed me that what was in my way, was me.

What followed was the emotional and terrifying choice to leave my success corporate career and explore life and work outside. 
Start to Thrive came into being - a home for all my skills and all my hats, with the aim of being a lighthouse to those feeling lost.

I’m an MCIPS certified procurement professional and I have rigorously trained and certified with the Co-Active® Training Institute, and I am an accredited coach with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).
Harking from Birmingham originally, I now live in Oxford with my rock of a husband and our two furry friends, who frequently march across my keyboard (rude)!
Working with Lindsey has been truly transformational for me. I am much clearer about my core values and these are now guiding me towards new and exciting life prospects. Is it scary? Yes! Is it what I want? Yes, definitely!

Andrew, Glasgow.
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