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One to One Coaching.
How it works:
12 coaching sessions, one to one, for professionals who have lost their way in their corporate career
Going in circles?
You’re exhausted, stifled and disengaged.
On paper you are the definition of career success and you have worked hard to get here, and yet there is a growing sense that this isn’t enough anymore.
  • Where once there was ambition, drive and purpose, there is now a sense of feeling trapped
  • You are thinking, ‘what’s the point in all of this?’ 
  • You know you have more to offer, but can’t determine what
  • There is guilt for not feeling satisfied with what you’ve achieved
  • You want to rekindle the passion you once had for your career, and you need to find some sense of fulfilment. The thing is, you don’t want to give up on the lifestyle that you can now afford and the security this provides
  • There is deep frustration about why you can’t figure this out
And while you can’t define the perfect solution, you aren’t making any changes at all, and continue to dig in on your current course.  Your self-confidence is being eroded as you increasingly feel like you are wearing a mask to work and pretending to be someone you have outgrown somehow.
This increasing procrastination is causing you to feel resentful, empty and very alone as everyone else around you seems to have it all figured out.
Been here?
  • Through multiple self-help books, podcasts, online seminars, and even night school you've searched for the answer.
  • You've gained glimpses of motivation and excitement at what could be, but you never seem to manage to translate these things into tangible answers for yourself.
  • You’ve hashed it over a thousand times with friends and family, possibly even with close colleagues in the office and are bombarded with varying views and advice, but indecision and fear stop you taking any real action. 
  • You are boring yourself, as well as your friends, as you go round and round with the same feelings of guilt over wanting something more. 
  • You’ve seriously contemplated quitting just to get some peace, and figuring it out after that, but when it comes to the crunch, you just aren’t the sort to leap without a plan. You need the security of knowing what’s next.
  • Until then, you are numbing out the pervasive sadness of this not being who you really are and are probably keeping as busy as possible in and out of work to avoid looking at things front and centre.
I see you...
You’re looking for a structured approach, that is specific to you, to get you from A to B… and in the first instance you need support figuring out what and where B is. 
Your confidence has taken a hammering, so you need space and tools to get that back on track, so that you can feel more like you. Secretly you're hoping that someone will tell you the answer, but deep down you know that figuring that out is going to be part of the process.  You need a firm hand and someone who will be kind with you, but also not take any of your procrastination nonsense - this needs to be a no fluff zone for you. 
You need a plan, and you need someone to stay with you while you get on with it, someone who has your back and knows you do have it in you.
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Why work with me?
I’m a professionally trained and certified coach with twenty years corporate experience in procurement, where mentoring came with the territory. 
I understand the workings of a large organisation and everything that comes with it.  And I too found myself in that place of being very successful yet increasingly disorientated and stifled; it was through coaching that I got back in touch with myself and designed the path I wanted to walk. Helping others through this same journey is now a hugely rewarding passion of mine.

Having been where you are, and emerged happier, more confident and with direction, I know you can have the same.
Lindsey has massively helped me in deciding the path and approach I should take in my career. I can't praise her enough for her kind approach.

Sven, London.
The nuts & bolts
Through either 12 or 6 sessions, over the course of 6 or 3  months,  we’ll identify what needs to change, recharge your lost confidence and map the paths that will reinvigorate your zest for work.
One to one, online via Zoom/Google Meet/ Teams or Skype, meeting twice per month.
What’s included:​
  • A discovery session of 1.5 hours
  • 10 or 4 further sessions of 1 hour 
  • Final session 1.5 hours
  • Between session support via online messaging (WhatsApp / Telegram) or email, for any wobbles that come up, to keep you motivated and accountable.
  • Reading material and exercises to support you as appropriate.
  • The option for pay as you go.
Your investment: £2700 6 months
                             £1500 3 months
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Book a free 30 mins chat with me.  Let's see if we fit and ask me anything you need to know. 
No commitment and no hassle, I promise.
Lindsey gives you the confidence to take action... she enabled me to look at aspects of myself I discarded… I feel much more positive and empowered.

Sarah,  Oxfordshire
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Only you know if now is the right time for you, whether you are ready to explore something different. 

Coaching requires you to lean in, it takes effort and commitment. You know if you have had enough of where you are.

Are you ready for the next phase?
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