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 Procurement Advice
How it works:
Flexible procurement consultancy
at your fingertips.
Reaching Overwhelm?

As a business, you have a lot on your plate and procurement isn't your core competence.
You feel ill equipped and lacking in confidence to implement meaningful procurement strategies and in responding successfully to tender requests. 

Procurement feels like yet more complexity to add into your already rammed schedule.

And so the processes and actions you know need attention keep being pushed to the bottom of the 'to do' pile.
Investing into an area you know little about feels a huge commitment and right now you just need a sounding board to help put your mind at rest, without a long term commitment, or investment, from your side
Get some guidance
You're looking for sensible, pragmatic,
sound procurement knowledge and advice.
Whether it's a quick sense check on your strategy or it's a specific issue that is causing you worry, having an expert third party to run it past, can put your mind at ease.
  • Contracts, Terms and Conditions and NDAs - drafting, interpreting and negotiating
  • Price agreements/ negotiations
  • Understanding and effectively responding to RFQs
  • Procurement Processes and Strategy
  • Negotiation Tips
Perhaps your in-house procurement team needs an expert steer, or perhaps this resource isn't yet available to you and in the short term you just need some sound advice as to whether you are on track or if immediate action is needed.
You want to save your business money, ensure it is contractually protected and win tenders.
Why work with me?
I’m an MCIPS certified procurement professional
with 20 years corporate experience within BMW. 
I've managed, trained and mentored buyers.
I understand how organisations think and work. 
I am not only an experienced negotiator,
adept at saving your company money, but I am
also a skilled relationship builder and manager. 
I know that securing new business, reducing costs
and maintaining strong, resilient supply chains
rests on how you manage your
business relationships.

Whether it's implementing or navigating contracts
and terms, resolving issues in the supply chain,
or simply being a trusted advisor,
I've done it and I've delivered.

Procurement doesn't have to be difficult
- let me help you.
Lindsey has always demonstrated high integrity, a professional work ethic and the ability to be creative and think outside of normal business lines

CFO - BMW: Read the LinkedIn Recommendation
The nuts & bolts
You don't need to struggle on your own and wonder if you are doing it right... pick up the phone.
No long term commitments or investment, fully flexible, personal support, as an when you need it.
One to one, online via Zoom/Google Meet/ Teams/Skype, or by phone.
Full confidentiality guaranteed with NDA's provided, giving you the peace of mind that your business,
stays your business.
  • A free 30 minute chat to meet me and ensure this is right for you. 
  • Procurement one to one's of 60 minutes
  • Make it a one off or a recurring meeting as needed
  • Book your own slot and make changes to suit your diary
red phone 1.png

Book a free 30 mins chat with me. 
Tell me what you need, and I will be honest on how I can support. No commitment and no hassle, I promise.
Lindsey mentored me as I took on a team leader role within the same department as her. She especially helped me to navigate the challenge of developing from expert to leader.
Senior Purchasing Manager BMW: Read the LinkedIn Recommendation
You don't need to struggle on
your own.  

If it's peace of mind you need,
an expert ear, and are ready
to get the procurement advice
that helps your business thrive;
let's talk. 

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