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Webinars & Workshops 
Available now from Start to Thrive & Friends
Achieving focus & control
Experience the power of embodiment
Learn how to identify your inner critics
Create awareness of your destructive habits

90 minute experiential workshop
Online or in person

We explore:
  • What it means to be resilient
  • Reconnecting to our whole selves
  • Observing and reframing our thinking

Participants will leave with a greater awareness, new perspectives and practical tools to boost their own resilience. 

Delivered in collaboration with Uzma Mohamedali CPCC of Reflect to Act Coaching.  Uzma is a professional Co-Active coach, change management and communications consultant with multi industry experience across professional and financial services, pharmaceutical , energy and agribusiness.

Price on request.

Delivered to:
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Her deep passion and knowledge on the human inner strength to overcome challenges and changes is inspiring...Lindsey is an empathic and influential coach that has a transformative impact on people & organizations she works with. 
Alex - Behavioural Scientist, Roche
An introduction to core values

Personal values are a pivotal part of any coaching journey and yet outside of this unique relationship, many of us often have no concept of what our values truly are.


In this webinar, we will introduce the concept of values and how they support and shape all of our decisions. 

45 minute online webinar.


We explore:


  • What values are and why they are important for our career

  • How to identify your own values

  • How to clarify your future & increase your curiosity about yourself.


Delivered in collaboration with Rachel Power of Power Your Potential.  Rachel is a Licensed Career Coach and a champion for middle managers in the workplace.


Price £1000

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We Step:
With your team in mind
Learn what you and your team want
Design a path forward together
Take the first step to inspired employees
Create a thriving team
Choose from four packages ranging from a 3 hour, in person, workshop to a full day plus scheduled future team learning.

We Step will:
  • Help your employees identify their core values & know what will make them feel fulfilled at work
  • Recognise your organisation’s values and understand key areas of overlap
  • Create tangible solutions and understand your boundaries for real-time brainstorming
  • Develop your co-creation workshop to prepare you for taking your first step together
  • Improve impact by learning critical co-creation skills as team
  • Celebrate and learn from the first step and prepare for the next
Delivered in collaboration with Jenn Paster Detmer MBA, ACC, CPCC of Livthentic. Jenn is a professional Co-Active coach and consultant with over 15 years pharmaceutical experience.

Pricing from £ 2500
Business Team
Support Group
Mental Health Training

​For leaders, in house coaches

& all who mentor

Providing a bridge between mental health first aiding, coaching and mentoring.

One day in person workshop for a maximum

team size of 12.

We Explore:

  • What it means to be a leader, coach and mentor in relation to mental health - what's in and what's out of our scope

  • Core emotions that may present from the client and how can we lean into these with courage

  • Where the boundaries lie, when do we coach, when do we refer

  • The client in crisis, how can we help identify this and what action to take

  • Discover greater awareness of mental health topics

  • Develop confidence in leading and serving your team /client/mentee emotionally

  • Design clear signposting strategy when onward referral is necessary

Delivered in collaboration with Steve Hoblyn of iGallos.  Steve is a former corporate HR professional, a workplace and community mental health consultant and trainer, coach, counsellor, and speaker.


Pricing £3,795 (introductory offer)

Why work with us?
I love collaborating with this lot, they (and I!)  are all professionally trained, certified/ licenced and crucially experienced in a variety of corporate organisational settings, across multiple sectors and disciplines.

I trust them - implicitly.  It's a pre-requisite in any  collaboration I embark on.

Me?  I’m a professionally trained and certified coach with twenty years corporate experience in procurement. I continue to consult, advise and mentor in procurement and supply chain best practice.

Every one of this team is passionate about people development - they care.  It's evident in how they listen, how they prepare, their commitment and enthusiasm to every project and how they show up in the room or on screen.

Between us there are some serious skills and experience,
we want to share them with you.

Book a free 30 mins chat with me.  Let's see if we fit and ask me anything you need to know. 
No commitment and no hassle, I promise.

We're really very easy
(and nice) to work with....
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