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We can do hard things

This week, to further experiment, I have made a video blog... let's see how it lands!

It's a milestone week for me as I head out to run my very first (and quite possibly my last) marathon - I wanted to share my why, my how and what happens after a set back. And I hope it translates to whatever change it is you are striving for in your life.

Have you ever struggled to make change stick?

Do you know your why- do you understand the motivation behind what you are trying to do, or who you are trying to be?

Do you recognise how you will translate this into sustainable action?

And what happens when you get knocked back?

If you are curious about how I can work with you , you can speak to me directly, you can book a free initial coaching session with me here and there's no hassling from me if it's a no thanks after that.

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