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don't just take my word for it

I love this work!  I love witnessing and being a part of each and every journey I am privileged to be invited into.  My clients continue to show up, lean in and do the work – here’s what some of them said about my part in that.

Clare, Oxfordshire

I find my sessions with Lindsey invaluable. I have a busy life and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t carve out the time to focus on myself and what I would like to do next.  Lindsey helps me to make decisions by talking through situations from all angles (including ones that I would never have thought of) without influencing me.  I think she’s amazing at what she does and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others – thank you so much! 


Alina, Oxfordshire

I really appreciated working with Lindsey, as it feels to me like she knows exactly what I think. This puts me at ease and helps a lot to make progress. Lindsey is able to show me my life situation from different perspectives and navigates towards finding the solution myself’s fantastic to experience how I develop from the state of concern at the beginning of the session to the state of vision of what to do next, with plenty of options. Highly recommend Lindsey to anyone who would like to experience a new life journey.


Andrew, Glasgow

Working with Lindsey has been truly transformational for me. I am much clearer about my core values and these are now guiding me towards new and exciting life prospects. Is it scary? Yes! Is it what I want? Yes, definitely!


Sven, London

Lindsey has been coaching me before she even got into coaching as she was my graduate mentor while we both worked in BMW. Every 2 weeks we would meet and Lindsey would guide me to answers for the issues I had at work. Through those meetings she has massively helped me in deciding the path and approach I should take in my career. I can't praise her enough for her kind approach and [the] great advice she has given me. I think anybody would benefit from her coaching, and now you can!

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