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Are you ready to make a change?

An invitation to thrive

Are you thriving or merely surviving?   There's a huge difference and if you are merely surviving you may well be feeling frustrated,  stuck, lost, uncertain and perhaps daunted about the future.  You recognise you want and need something to change, but you don’t where to start or which way to go, you may not even know what the change should be.


This is where working with a professional life and career coach can support you.  As an individual, I will work with you to gain clarity and build your confidence to take your next steps personally and professionally. As a business I will work with you to unlock the potential of your people to help them flourish.

my journey

Hello!  I'm Lindsey Eynon.  In my 20 years working in procurement for the automobile industry, I coached and mentored both teams and individuals. But it was my own personal work with a coach that helped me stop procrastinating, be bold and follow my passion.

This passion is to share my learning with you, combining my experience in business with professional coaching to help you determine the changes you want and then walk alongside you while you make them. I work in partnership with you and as a trusted sounding board, helping you connect with your confidence to follow your path.  I will be honest with you and will support you as you decide how to move forward.

With the help of a professional coach, you can start to thrive.


Listen to me on the Independent Oxford Podcast, talking about why I left the corporate life to become a coach

interested? let's see if we are a good fit...

The best results come from finding a coach you click with. So, if you’d like to schedule a complimentary first call, we can have a chat, see if we fit and you can ask me anything you need to know.  There will be no hard sell and no hassle, and if I’m not for you, that’s ok (really!).

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how does my coaching work?

I work with clients privately on a one to one basis and also engage with organisations offering in-house business executive coaching and mentoring, alongside learning and workshop offerings.

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Personal Coaching

We’ll work together to figure out what’s important to you, what you want and what you want to change, whether it’s elements of work or your personal life, sometimes it’s both. I will act as a mirror for you and shine light on those things you are avoiding, ignoring or are unaware of and I will call you out (gently or firmly – you get to decide!) when you are getting in your own way. 

If you're a leader or emerging leader and are looking for guidance as you grow in your career, I’ll put my two decades of professional experience at your service. I’ll help you overcome obstacles to improve work performance and give you the confidence in business you need to make the changes you want.

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Coaching for Leaders and  Your Teams

As a business leadership coach, I can work with managers and teams within your organisation to unlock their potential.


Whether it is developing leadership skills, looking at how to improve team performance , communication or confidence in business, I make your success my business. 

Coaching is not only for executives.  I'm passionate about demonstrating how coaching can deliver tangible results at all levels of your organisation and how your people can flourish with my support.

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Learning & Workshops
for Organisations

Whether you are looking for bespoke tailored programmes or inspiration via quality existing material, I can help support your teams with training and workshops in all areas of personal for professional development.


Be that confidence in business improving work performance, communication skills, team bonding or all things wellbeing, I am dedicated to your needs.


I am connected to an amazing network of talented and passionate coaches, ready to support a project of scale. 

why choose coaching?

I can help you:

  • Career pivot - Find a role that truly fulfils you

  • Get unstuck - Grow and learn to move forwards

  • Discover your purpose - Figure out what inspires and drives you

  • Show up differently - Demonstrate just how valuable you are

  • Improve confidence – Trust in yourself

  • Progress professionally - Realise your potential

  • Overcome lack of direction – Find your way

  • Improve your wellbeing and resilience - Be healthier, mentally and physically

  • Improve work-life balance - Love your life, at home and at work

  • Recognise and recover from Burnout

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